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Ayukalp is an Ayurvedic Center recognized by Govt. of Gujarat, where you can get answer to any difficult query of yours and discover authentic Ayurveda with the help of our qualified Ayurvedic professionals. Our Ayurvedic doctors are considered as the most source of information as they constantly endeavor in nurturing their innovative capabilities. Besides providing intellectual answers to the queries, they also deliver excellent contributions to our product development.

The goal of each and every Ayurvedic professional at our Ayurvedic Center is to help every individual enjoy total health. We invite you to enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda which is an ancient system of natural medicine.


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About Ayurveda


  • "AYURVEDA" the word itself is derived from two Sanskrit words-
    : meaning 'life', VEDA : meaning 'knowledge'.

  • Ayurveda in most simple words can be defined as the ancient system of holistic healing from India. It is till date enjoying a widespread resurgence in popularity.

  • According to hindu text the science of ayurveda was first initiated by Brahma the creator of life in brahma samhita. Ayurvedic principles, techniques and formulations were eventually laid down in many texts by Charaka and Sushruta.

  • Eventually it was studied and induced into life by the vaidyas and gradually it flourished in India millions of years ago and is still practised in the 21st century.

  • A holistic approach of healing Ayurveda -- The Science of Life -- is based on the twin principles of Treating the whole body by Balancing the body with nature.

  • As a holistic healing tradition Ayurveda recommends treating the whole person-body, mind, senses, emotions and spirit-instead of following the one-cause-one-cure principle and focusing on the symptoms of the moment.

  • Ayurveda has great impact on four essential substantials of an individual known as mind, body, senses and soul.

The factors that disturb balance in the body are known as DOSHAS. These three doshas affect the natural harmony in the individual's body. These are structural components comprised of air, space, fire, water, earth Panch Maha Bhootas.

The three doshas are VATA, KAPHA and PITTA.
  • VATA: is a combination of air and space elements. It is involved in processes like breathing, blood circulation, nervous stimulation, and all the processes involving movement. The temperament of person having vata dosha is: mentally nervous, anxious, insecure, creative, physically prone to constipation, fluctuating appetite, light sleeper, poor stamina, very active.
    Remedies of excess vata is regular exercise, warm and simple food of sour, sweet, salty taste

  • KAPHA: is a combination of the water and earth elements. It is involved in processes like body secretions, cell structure, lubrication in joints, heat distribution etc. The temperament of person having kapha dosha is: mentally relaxed, compassionate, slow, prolonged memory, physically strong appetite, slow digestion and deep sleeper, good stamina, steady energy. Excess kapha is cured by vigorous exercise and by taking warm and spicy food of pungent, bitter and astringent taste.

  • PITTA: is a combination of the water element and the fire element. Pitta is hence involved in processes like digestion, absorption, assimilation of food, sensory perception, vision, hunger and thirst feeling of our body. The temperament of person having pitta dosha is :mentally organized, driven, easily irritated, love knowledge, good memory, competitive, enjoying leadership, physically strong appetite, sound sleepers and have moderate energy level. Pitta can be cured by performing moderate exercise, and taking cool less spicy food of sweet, bitter and astringent taste.


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Ayukalp, an GMP and ISO 9001 certified Company, was started in a tradition going back more than hundred years when Vaidraj Nagindas Chhaganlal Shah used to actually dig deep into forests and scale mountains at odd hours, and in various seasons as indicated by the Shastras to search personally for berries, seeds, leaves and dig roots etc. for formulating Ayurvedic panaceae in the service of humanity.

Ayurveda or the centuries-old "Science of Life" is based on the simple idea of treating the individual rather than the disease. This principle indicates gleaning and sourcing materials from the same Nature of which mankind is a crucial part, aiming for a holistic saturation of therapy and nutritious ingredients towards systemic absorption. In continuing the tradition, Rasvaidya Nagindas Shah established Unjha Pharmacy in 1894 and subsequently Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy after 45 years.

The present Company—Ayukalp is restructured to give the manufacturing facilities a scientific edge and to make the potency of the medicines and tonics longer lasting. At present the Company manufactures over 400 types of classical herbal and herbo-mineral medicines and 40 Patent formulations that address today's common as well as complex ailments.

Giving scientific edge to Ayurvedic Medicines. Ultimately resulting in products that are at par with International standards.

To serve the humanity as a whole in these competitive times, attending to the myriad needs of the new world, addressing them and creating medicines that shall uphold the trilogy of Ayurveda - A sound physical, mental & spiritual health of one and all.

"Excellence in Growth - Globally"
We are pleased to in form, that we have added one more feather to our cap, an award received from All India Achievers Foundations of :

"Indian achievers award for Industrial development and Globalisation of indian industries 2009."

Long life and healthy living is what Ayurveda assures to give to the world and this is what we are extending to world through our quality Ayurvedic medications developed in most hygienic conditions under strict quality control measures. At Ayukalp UAP Pharma Pvt. Ltd. we abide to the firm standards for quality control of our herbs. We successfully create the best varieties of pharmaceutical-grade Ayurveda products using the wonderful combination of tools of modern science and extensively researched Ayurveda’s herbal traditions. We very well understand the importance of the quality of raw materials that go in manufacturing quality products and therefore take quality control measures right from selection of raw materials and packaging materials and adopt standard protocols at every step of product manufacture including the quality checking of semi-finished and finished products. Every product goes into market passes through stringent quality control at every step.

Our quality control department is well managed by a team of experienced professionals and supported by a set of laboratories that work in coherent fashion under the same umbrella. The vision of this quality control department of our company is to dedicate themselves in improvement of health and well being of our society by providing quality herbal & Ayurvedic products manufactured using the best talent of our people with new technology. We have well equipped advanced laboratories where the tests are conducted pertaining to quality control as per the Pharmacopoeial Standard.

We have in-house parameters and specifications for drug evaluation and perform tests according to manufacturers/ suppliers specification in case the tests specifications are not available as per pharmacopoeia. Adequacy of conditions under which raw materials and products are manufactured and stored are monitored by experts to ensure that our products are manufactured in most hygienic conditions with proper packing methods for longer shelf life. We take maximum care in every aspect of our quality control measures to ensure that our consumers get the world-best products in terms of safety and efficacy.
R & D

With an advanced scientific research facility, the R&D division of Ayukalp is ever alert to the changing world of medicines and our endeavour shall be to find ayurvedic medicines that shall have an impact in the alternative medical world. It has been and it shall be our privilege to provide world class drugs to the human race. We depend on our inherent expertise of the past century and the technological prudence of today to combat diseases of tomorrow.

Ayukalp has, for over a century, developed the art of dealing, mastered with various types of difficult to treat diseases. The century old company has been re-engineered to give ayurvedic medicines, a scientific edge such that the potency remains with the added advantage of excellent packaging and total automated process line, that makes production faster and easier.

Ayukalp at this juncture comes to you in its innovative and young format to spread the smile of good health, without any adverse side effects.


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